Web Hosting

webhostingWe can give you a location from which you can make your web presence felt across the world wide web. Not only do we develop web pages, we also provide hosting solutions for web pages. We can get your page online, maintain and manage it, and provide frequent updates. This can provide you with a successful, valuable and competitive web site that meet the demands of internet users worldwide. We can offer our hosting services to facilitate a wide range of web pages to facilitate the use of: E-commerce, on-line auctions, chat forums, virtual postcards, polls and surveys, live audio and video, secure conferencing, market research, banner advertisements, shopping carts, email (virtual post offices), classified ads, databases, search engines, on-line stores and malls and much more.


We can supply: Unique Web Servers (HTTP). Unique FTP Servers. Unique/Unlimited # POP e-mail accounts, e.g. yourname@yourdomainname.com. Unique SMTP Gateways. Installation of your Scripts/Software. Virtual Hosting for www.domain customers (your own www.yourname.com). Domain name registration.