Solve Clients Problems – Make their life easier!

So I thought I would give a sample of what we have been working on this week and how it has helped clients!


Implemented a Purchasing Tracking Solution

AccessA client came to us to amend their Excel spreadsheet to track their Purchase Orders. After discussing the issues we realised that the better solution would be to use an Access Database since multiple people have to update and view the database. It took a 3 days of our time over a month long period and it was a great feeling seeing them use it today. We also used conditional formatting so it would turn red every time the order is delayed over a certain number of days. It is not complete yet but the client is happy so far!


Implemented Xero for a client

One of our clients started using Xero as their accounting application. We made sure the file was built and are currently assisting with Data Entry to ensure the backlog is complete. We actually use Xero ourselves to invoice clients and manage our receivables as we love the online features. We really enjoy using it for Service companies and we love that other Service companies are using it as their solution.


Quickbooks Implementations

We recently implemented Quickbooks for two companies, so this week was about finalising reports for them. There is a new Advanced Reporting option in Quickbooks Enterprise which actually uses Qliksense. Qliksense is a Business Intelligence tool from Europe. We have used Qliksense before to do dashboarding with large Sage 50 files so it was really exciting to see it integrated into Quickbooks reporting. We used the Qliksense Advanced Reporting tool, as well as the normal Quickbooks Reports and some Excel pivot tables to get the reporting job done!


Windows 10 Updates broke some things!

This week has been painful for some IT departments as Windows updates affected machines and applications in some strange ways. Two examples of that:

  • Some printers stopped working after a Windows update.
  • Sage 50 keeps quitting unexpectedly.

Our staff managed to solve the issues but it is  difficult when Windows updates keeps breaking stuff that is working. The problems seem so vague until we ask the question – “Did a Windows update go through recently?” I wish the Windows platform would stabilize and stop frustrating clients!


Quickbooks Online Updating

quickbooks onlineAnother client wanted assistance dealing with the backlog of data entry. This time it was in Quickbooks Online. We have seen an increase of Quickbooks Online users in Trinidad. Overall the functionality is not equivalent to the desktop version but very often it gets the job done, which is the important thing.


Quickbase Database Development

We continue to develop our databases using Quickbase.  As an online development tool for applications it continues to handle anything we throw at it. It is not the prettiest database but it certainly is flexible and easy to develop a solution in it.


Google Forms

Quite a few of my clients are using GSuite for their email.  I use it myself since it is great for catching spam and ease of use. We showed a client how they could use Google Forms to capture HR requests like leave requests and then use a free addon to approve the forms as well. The functionality is basic but hey it is free and easy to use.  We don’t know if they will use it, but it certainly is an interesting low cost solution.


Sage 50 Training

We did Sage 50 Training for an established client this week.  They had to train some new staff and they also wanted some training on areas that they were not comfortable with.  A half day refresher helped them to feel more comfortable.





These are just a few of the things we have been working on this week. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. People ask me what we do at Personalized Quality Systems and basically we help you manage your data and find cost effective IT solutions.  We start with what you already have but if that can’t do the job we will find something that can!